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YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter Premium 4.20.0 For Free


  • Reset all the applied filters with TITH WooCommerce Ajax Reset Filter widget
  • Two additional layouts for the YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter widget
  • 100% compatible with the YITH WooCommerce Brands plugin
  • Enable infinite scrolling to as many sections as you like.
  • Support to Aardvark theme
  • Apply the scroll-top to mobile devices and/or desktop
  • For “infinite scrolling” pagination you can choose among a set of preset loader icons or upload your own.
  • WooCommerce Price Filter in ajax with slider selection
  • Support to Ultimate Member plugin
  • Support to Aurum theme
  • Activate/deactivate the indexing of the generated URLs in search engines for the filter operation of the plugin
  • Upload a custom loading image.
  • Upload of an icon as customized loader
  • Choose animation for content loading.
  • Manage each section through its own option panel.
  • Search filter for products on sale/available
  • Search filter for products of a specific range of price with the YITH WooCommerce Ajax List Price Filter widget
  • Choose pagination type among “infinite scrolling”, load more button” and “ajax pagination”.
  • Page URL can be automatically updated every time new elements are loaded in AJAX. This will also let your users be taken back to the where they had left.
  • Filter products with the YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter widget
  • Customizable reset button
  • Two layouts for filter visualization
  • Customization of the WooCommerce Price Filter widget
  • Filter products by category
  • For “load more” button pagination, you can set the label for the button and add one or more customisation classes.
  • Filter visualization by alphabetical order or by number of products contained
  • Support to Themify theme
  • Support to Yoo Theme theme
  • Support to UX Shop theme
  • Ajax sorting for products displayed on the page
  • Enable infinite scrolling for one section only


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